CORE, the Center for Owner-Occupied Real Estate is an arm of the Bipartisan Wing, a Washington State PAC focused on rebuilding the political center. CORE advocates for owner-occupied rental housing rights for small landlords.  Donate to help fund this effort.

Reduces risk for owner-occupant landlords.

A tsunami of local and state rental laws, many of which are quite hostile to owner-occupied landlords, have introduced a level of risk that small owner-occupied rental property landlords – and potential ones – are unwilling to subject themselves to. Statewide, there are as many as 1,000,000 potential shared housing units alone that remain vacant often out of fear of legal and financial consequences.  

Creates more rental housing diversity and affordability in more neighborhoods.  

Some renters want to live in tall buildings and dense neighborhoods, but other renters seek housing in quiet bucolic neighborhoods. Expanding the landlord rights for owner-occupied rental housing will add more options for that. Additionally, owner-occupant landlords tend to keep rents low and churn at a minimum. 

Makes home ownership more affordable. 

Who couldn’t use another source of income to reduce the burden of today’s mortgages? Supporting and encouraging homeowners to create low-risk housing units on the land where they live will help us build back up to 60% homeownership, a healthy percentage that cities like Seattle haven’t realized since 1990.