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The Bipartisan Wing’s 2024 Focus…

Our PAC will raise and spend money in 2024 to support two new political causes.

The first one is CORE, the Center for Owner-occupied Real Estate.

We will be supporting the development and promotion of a Washington State law that would exempt owner-occupied rental properties with 1-4 units from rental housing legislation. That exemption would include shared single-family houses, ADUs, DADUs, duplexes, triplexes and fourplexes.  

The second one is

We will be supporting the recruitment of moderate candidates from both parties to register and run for both Democrat and Republican precinct committee officer positions (neighborhood-level elected leadership) during filing week in May of 2024. 

Additionally, we will be funding Meetups for Moderates, a social club for moderates from both parties as well as The Seattle Journal, an online news and opinion magazine that serves the political center.